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Advokatfirman Enar Bostedt AB

The firm was founded in 1990 and operates a general practice specializing in asylum law, family law, social law and criminal law.
The lawfirm is one of Swedens most experienced firms in the field of migration law. The firm is also russian speaking.

The office operates from centrally located facilities in Stockholm City.

The firm consists of lawyer Enar Bostedt and lawyer Linda Bostedt.
Enar Bostedt has been a legal aid attorney since 1990 and has since then been one of the most appointed lawyers in Sweden in asylum cases.
He became a member of The Swedish Bar Association in 1996.
Enar Bostedt has previously worked as legal associate at law firm Hans Bredberg AB from 1990-1992 and has also been a senior partner in the law firm Hancock & Rhen HB from 1996-2007.

Linda Bostedt has been working in the firm since 2009 and has a previous experience from both the Swedish Migration Board and the Swedish Migration Court.
Linda Bostedt became a member of The Swedish Bar Association in 2012.

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